Experts Reveal How to Keep your Landscape Trees Healthy

One of the highlights of living in the countryside or having a landscape is that you can plant trees, vines, and shrubs to make your homestead stand out. Trees not only provide shade but also add beauty and great value to a property. However, they need to be well taken care of to grow optimally and in your desired shape.

Here are some expert tips on how to keep your landscape trees healthy.


This involves applying a layer of wood chips or leave droppings around the base of your trees to reduce water evaporation during hot weather conditions. The mulching material can be anything between 1-4 inches depending on the size of the tree. Despite the fact that there are inorganic mulching materials in the market, it more prudent to use the organic ones, as the inorganic cannot be broken down by microorganism and so they do not add any value to your landscape. Materials such as cocoa hulls, straws, shredded autumn leaves, and wood chips will decompose overtime adding essential nutrients to the soil.

Avoid Applying to Much Fertilizer

Most homeowners are tempted to apply high amounts of fertilizer in a bid to increase the rate at which the trees grow. Unknown to them is that this is counterproductive as it pollutes the soil and makes it unfavorable for supporting optimal tree growth. In addition, excessive use of herbicides  affects the leaves. In fact, you do not have to use herbicides and pesticides all the time as some trees have a natural mechanism of repelling common pests.


Water is one of the essential requirements for tree growth. Modern sprinkling systems have made it easy for homeowners to water trees as they can be programmed to do so at specific times of the day automatically as long as they are connected to a water source. Nevertheless, it is important to note that over watering the trees can hinder its growth especially if the trees are already adapted to dry conditions. Soaking the soil around such trees reduce the amount of oxygen available to aerobic microorganism in the soil.

Reduce the Number of Times that you prune

Mature trees do not have to be pruned every now and then as compared to young trees. Removing damaged branches and suckers that shoot up at the base is enough to keep the tree healthy and looking great. If you have fruit trees in your landscape, consider removing thin and water sprouts to increase their productivity. By productivity, we mean the number of fruits that each trees produces per season or year.

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No Parking under the Trees

Parking your car under a tree not only predispose it to damage in case one of the old branches falls, but also compact the soil making it impossible for the tree roots to grow and absorb water and nutrients.

Be Careful when Whacking

When operating a weed whacker around the tree, ensure that you do not nick the bark. This is because any opening on the bark is a potential entry point for disease.

Plan your Outdoor Construction Projects Well

Construction is probably one of the human activities that tamper with the growth of most landscape trees. Even if the construction project is taking place away from the tree, it is imperative to keep in mind that its root system usually extends 2-3 times farther than the branches. This means a heavy construction equipment can damage the roots of a mature tree even if the construction site is 60 feet away. To avoid this, it is recommendable to consult a professional tree care company before you start the project to make informed decisions. Otherwise, you might be slowly “kill” the tree unknowingly.

Get Information about Common Tree Disease

How will you take care of your trees if you do not know some of the common diseases that affect them? There are many online and offline resources that you can access to learn about tree diseases as well as how to prevent them from occurring.

Back Off

Most of the trees do not need much from you, as they can feed and protect themselves from various factors that pose danger to their growth. Hence, avoiding tampering with their growth too much unless of course you notice some peculiar changes on their appearance and growth.

Use the above tree care tips and techniques to enhance the beauty and general appearance of your landscape trees. Go an extra mile and hire an accredited tree company that has all the required equipment and skilled personnel to carry out the tasks.

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