The Essential Facts about Towing Services

If you own a car, at some point you will require the services of a towing company. It is not possible to predict when your car will breakdown, the only precautionary measure that you can take is to maintain it well and obey all the stipulated traffic rules and regulations.

However, there are some occurrences that are beyond our control and that is why it is imperative to have towing company that you can call even during the wee hours of the night. The best have a support team that works round the clock to ensure that their customers get the best services. They also have many trucks that they use to reach their clients.

For now, let us look at the different times of towing services available in the market today.

Medium and Light Towing

This is a service that involves moving medium and light duty vehicles from the road to the garage for repairs or to the clients homestead. Other additional services that are offered alongside this one include lockouts and jump starts. It is important to give clear details of the vehicle you are driving when you call the towing company to help them know the type of truck to use.



Off-Recovery Services

Your car can breakdown without warning rendering your immobile on the road. Unless, you have the skills and expertise required to check and rectify the mechanical problem, you might spend hours on the spot not knowing what to do next. The best towing companies have off road recovery specialists who can be sent to your location to check on your vehicle. They come prepared for anything and everything to avoid further wastage of time.


Getting your vehicle out of a ditch, snow, or mud can be an uphill task if you do not have the necessary equipment and knowledge on how to get the job done. Nowadays, there are advanced winches that have the ability to pull virtually any automobile from a muddy front lawn, sand, or even swampy ditch. Call a towing company if you find yourself in such a situation, as trying to wrestle your vehicle out of the ditch can result in mechanical complications.

What is the cost of a towing service? This is one of the most common questions car owners ask when looking for these services. Here are some of the factors that the company considers when generating a quote.

Type of the Vehicle

Light or medium weight cars can easily be towed without using a lot of effort, but the heavy vehicles pose a challenge and only professional towers can be able to tow them safely. Hence, the cost of moving light cars is different from that of heavy vehicles.

Labor and Service

When you call the company and a truck is dispatched, you are expected to foot the labor cost. This is simply based on the fact that one of the company representatives has to drive the truck to your location, do all the necessary paperwork, and hook your car. If any repairs are done on the vehicle, their specific cost will be included in your quote. It is imperative to check if the quote is inclusive of all these services to avoid any financial problems later.

Distance to be covered

The cost of towing a car for one hundred miles is different from that of towing the same car for fifty miles. Fuel cost, labor, and complexity of the task are some of the factors that are put into consideration.

Time of Call

Most of the companies have nowadays standardized their services to make them more convenient for their customers. However, there are still some whose charges vary depending on the time that you call. In such a scenario, you will end up paying more if you call in the wee hours of the night.

Finally, towing companies have insurance liability policies that they offer to their customers to safeguard them from any incidents that might occur during transit. You can count on a licensed and reputable towing company to sort you out no matter your location or the time that you call.